Founded in 2018, LABCOOR® is a French security engineering company whose two founders have devoted most of their careers to protecting people and securing environments.

In order to work for a safer world, they have created an innovative company with a unique project: to ensure safe, fluid and contactless access to event sites, businesses, sensitive sites or diplomatic or military rights-of-way.

LABCOOR® is a multidisciplinary team with over 100 years of safety and security expertise.


Strong support since creation

This French start-up is supported by the Ile de France Region and the BPI (public investment bank) through the Innov’up programme, and has been accompanied by the Entreprendre 78 Network, SQY Cub and Incuballiance. LABCOOR also benefited from an important contribution from Thalès to realize a POC (proof of concept) which was presented in June 2019 at the Ecole Polytechnique. LABCOOR is also part of the GICAT’s GENERATE programm dedicated to innovation.

LABCOOR® showcased its solution at the Thales booth at the 2019 Milipol Fair and will be present at the Sofins Special Forces Fair in June 2021.


The mission of LABCOOR®

In a climate of ever-increasing insecurity, public event organizers, operators of sensitive sites and those responsible for military and diplomatic rights-of-way want effective access control and site security solutions.

  • LABCOOR® provides a comprehensive response to reception, information, monitoring, control, and alerting issues.
  • LABCOOR® is reinventing and revolutionizing event and site access control by developing a reliable and fast contactless security concept. The traditional services offered via security agents, palpation agents or dog handlers, have changed little for several years and are no longer in line with the current problems of access to events (for both operators and the public) or with the new health restrictions.
  • LABCOOR® develops solutions for these markets through the assembly, integration and use of state-of-the-art technologies to detect weapons or explosives.
  • The need to maintain adequate social distancing and ensure reliable security in the face of evolving threats make LABCOOR® the new partner of event actors, companies of vital interest, military or diplomatic sites.
  • LABCOOR®, an integrator of multiple systems and technologies, continuously listens to the needs of these players and works to propose novel and scalable solutions for securing access and filtering audiences and staff.


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